12 August 2014

You Were The Change In Me

You were Spring.
You brought the warmth in your smile,
Melting the icicles around my hardened heart.
Dried my tears so fast I forgot what I was even crying about.
Each exhale your body allowed, would blow the grey clouds further apart.
The twinkle in your eyes as if the brightness of the Sun,
Illuminating with the warmest glow to announce your welcome.
You were the end of my freezing nights,
The beginning of my blooming garden which was once snow covered and forgotten about.

You were Summer.
Your unwavering eyes on me caused blushes only the blistering heat could create.
Like water droplets condensing on window panes; dripping wet-
Your whispers amplified my voice in utter agreement-
As if the perfect combination of iced water& freshly squeezed lemons,
I swear our moments of happiness would have been the equivalence of Spring break attendees on the Cuba beaches.
You were the fully bloomed roses, evergreen hill tops, the smell of freshly cut grass.
You were the freedom riding down endless roads with our favourite songs on full blast.
Your breath on my neck, as if the breeze making a promise to the trees-
Guaranteeing that the lonely nights would end sooner than the rest of times.

You were Autumn.
With the change as sudden as the winds turning colder,
How our smiles turned into frowns like the change of colours the leaves were wearing.
Searching for beauty within the rustling of dried leaves& sweeping them up after-
Trying not to reminisce how beautiful they once were.
As if preparing for the coldness that would arrive, as if preparing for the heartbreak that I could not handle;
Thicker sweaters mimicking your arms, hot chocolate replacing your kisses, pumpkin pies to relive the comfort of the home we once built.
As if a costume during Halloween, how you removed a mask I once believed was your true self.
I could have left for greener pastures; but call me naive-
Because I stayed on hoping for the weather to return to its former.

You were Winter.
Nights arriving sooner than I was used to, 
Days were lazier than the usual- didn't see the point of leaving my now only comfort of solace.
You were the reason why I developed the habits of hibernating animals,
Simply wishing to sleep through the entire winter, still hoping to awake to warmer weather.
Fireplaces, drinking soup or hot chocolate, laying under sheets- doing anything to pretend you were still providing me heat-
You enjoyed throwing snowballs to hurt, building snowmen that couldn't feel,
Creating your ideal angels in the snow, I guess I was living in those shadows-
And with the grey skies hovering over me, I guess the only thing I can do now is to keep looking up till the Sun emerges once again. 
You were the change in me.

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