16 December 2013



It started with
A late photo shoot, and a host for a show.
A finishing film, and a tear down for another show.
A smoke break, and a digit trade.
A how do you do, and a good night to you too.
A rhyming call, and a wondering ball.
A booty call, and a i give you my all.

It started with
A good morning smile, and a good night- see you in a while.
A how was your day, and a see you later anyway.
A I love you, and a me too.
A I know, I know, I know, and a sorrow, borrow, I don't know.
A hope you are fine, yes i still whine, no we can't dine,
A song that reminds, a mind that rewinds, a bind that still, pines.

It started with
Oh you swine, oh you slime, oh you stupid? Fine.
Old and kind, Old and, never mind.
One more chance, one more dance, one more techno trance.
One more rave, one more slave, one more grave.
One more hit, one more bit, one more slit..

I stayed true and thru and through,
Out I went, out I spent, out I am again,
Still I love, still I live, still I lie,
Here, once more, here, once alone, here, stolen.

It ended with a
Thank you, Think you, Thought you,
For everything, For nothing, For anything,
You were right, You are light, You have taken away my fight.
Now I see only you,
Hear only you,
Think only you.

It started with a please smile,
It started with we smile,
It started with a waste of miles,
It ended with my smile.
Waiting, for a while, counting tiles.

I'll get there.
I'm sorry for breaking your spirit.

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