7 November 2013

You Are The Universe

If I told you, 
You are the Universe, would you believe me?

If I told you, 
We are destined, would you believe me?
That amongst the galaxy, there are many planets,
But you chose to give mine life. 
You named several then, but they now revolve around my world,
Which you last named, and only I am still alive in you.

If I told you, 
You are the sky in my world.
I look up to you, endless, with hope,
Would you believe me?

If I told you,
Your white clouds, baby, blue highlights,
Allows my world to quietly day dream,
That your royal blue night sky, sprinkled with an overdose of glitter,
Creeping in slowly, to announce your arrival,
Allows my world, to scream their frustrations in their nightmares,
And you would wake their loved ones with your booming alarm,
To comfort them, washing their sounds away with rain, your tear- drops, 
Feeling helpless, but you always pull through,
Giving my world rainbows, with all the colours that makes up my world.
You make my world, smile, always, at the end of every storm.

If I told you, 
Your eyes, are the stars at night, 
I make wishes upon the stars that light up the darkness of my world.
They have been, long gone for many years, but still surround me at night.
They still twinkle to remind me I am not alone when I can't sleep, 
And they have granted all my wishes.

If I told you, 
Your secrets are the Moon, always somewhat hidden in the dark.
But, did you know, the Moon, is a visionary illusion,
That my world exists, to allow you to be seen, 
Reflect, leaving shadows,
Shadows, revealing your existent pain,
And the wolves in my world, howl for your hurt, 
When you finally show your entirety.

If I told you, 
You are the Sun- light in my world,
You are the only star that dares to come so close,
But keeps a distance so to never hurt me, yet keeps me warm.
That you are the only source of brightness in my world,
And everyone's source of energy.
The main, attraction, to me.
You are why flowers grow, why my world, has life.
You give me, life.

If I told you,
You are the Universe,
Would you believe me?

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