25 September 2013

Natural Wonder

Natural Wonder

Is the only thing we do not have control over
Showcases its beauty, easy for you to discover.
However, if you dig you will uncover
it hides what we deem ugly, but it is actually all that we need.
So it stays underneath the light,
& allows itself to embrace only the night.

I think the world conspired us to be together.
That maybe, these disasters, its not simply because of the weather.
That maybe, global warming isn't the problem, but rather its the solution.
That maybe the wind blows the waves further, nearer
To prevent wars, break down these walls, to stop these long distance calls, because,
Nature knows the waves will soften the lands so we can make amends,
To protect what we need. Let the water seep,
Through the hardness it built to protect over the years.
Maybe we would get over the fears, no more tears. We wouldn't need numbers,
To subtract the distance measured by the seas, simply so i can kiss you with ease.
To be the glue to the gaps that you have, to be your last addiction,
No, wait, I don't want to just be a story you tell, 
So, instead, baby, make me your last addition.

And maybe running out of trees isn't such a big issue,
Well sweetheart, maybe they don't wanna make more tissues.
Or for me to write down what matters, 
When the only thing i can do is to write you love letters.
Cos they've been printing way too many books with these covers,
That makes me wonder why i am still so empty despite of all these shit they sell at borders.
I wish I was the kind that settles, so that I would not bother,
To look for someone that was forever, or for someone that was nothing like my father.
To stay with me till the candle dries, but no darkness, cos here comes the sunrise.

And maybe oil's running out, simply cos the world is sick of you running about.
Making your way to me, away from me, we both wish i was your missus.
Wait, i digress, let me finish the rest.

These natural wonders, yeah sometimes there will be thunders.
But darling, i'll never make your heart a doubter,
And as long as you never be an adulterer, i'll always be your meat pounder,
As long as you promise to always fuck me harder, yes, i know thats just the physical.

Okay if you must know, it's like the sun, you'll always the light that i need,
And even if it becomes dark too soon, i too, can be your light, very much like the moon.
I know you don't believe in forever, but to me, like nature, it's still here,
And i'll still be here, despite the weather.

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