24 April 2014


They create restrictions to protect their inhibitions
Achieved distinctions by following directions, 
Never had hesitations-
As almost everyone listens to recommendations.
Keeping collections, 
Anything offering confusion would receive prohibition.
I am sure, you are not just another addition 
To the now subtracted, once multiplication.
Causing division, deficiancy in his vision,
For new experience.

Rolling the dice, everything has a price
Still they claim they believe in Christ
A heist-
Is all they are planning for.
Feist, they never are content.

Yet they speak of the severity of life so lightly, 
Clutching to their wallets so tightly,
Exasperating sighs at the thought of the next work day,
Even though the bulbsin their marble air-conditioned hallways are still lit brightly. 

When will you be content? 
When will enough, be enough to begin enjoying and end all these worrying? 

How many more cars do you need parked in your front yard? 
How many more platinum credit cards?
How many more shirts do your maids have to starch? 
How many more others have to suffer for you to upgrade your housing,
When will you be done choosing your means of cruising? 

Are you satisfied working long hours, 
Leaving your wives alone, kids at home? 
That extra cash you spend on those antiques, to prevent those other critics,
To simply hear those words, magnifique? 
Is it worth it? 

When is it time to give back? 
Look back, in a way- 
Your greed on what you claim you need is contributing to the increase of the deceased cos they smoking crack, 
Doing smack, while you sit at home in your overly-fluffed, over-stuffed couch counting your yet another stack, 
Half of which will be used to pay your frequent visits to your overpriced local quack. 

I see the change now, with the winds getting stronger as more bow. 
The ego has become a cancer, 
Collecting all distaste and accumulating into a cyclone, 
Resulting into another bottle of whiskey and more gambling, 
Losing everything and.. 

Here you are now, looking for a solution to stop over medicating.
Ring the bell, welcome to hell, 
This is where the remains of the souls you destroyed came to lay.

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